Enjoy breakfast every morning in the kitchen & dining room:

Our Homemade Breakfast is available every day from 7:30 to 9:30, coffee and items in the kitchen are available starting at 6 am for early risers, cereal, bagels, bread, butter, jams, fruit.

All items may contain salt, pepper, cinnamon, vanilla and other seasonings.  We do not use nuts knowingly in anything.

Breakfast is set up by room number, please don't eat someone else's breakfast.


Hot Breakfast:


Breakfast Bake

(potatoes, sausage, bacon or ham, eggs, peppers, onions, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses and butter, gluten free country gravy, salt, pepper;  this breakfast is gluten free as far as we know)  

I can also do veggie only if you let me know in advance a couple days.


(wheat flour, eggs, milk, cinnamon, these are NOT gluten free)

Waffle batter is in the fridge, one container is one waffle.


14 years of trying various breakfast serving methods, we have found that an "eat when you want", self-service breakfast works best for the majority of our guests.  

Breakfast is home cooked and oven baked by Derek or I.   The waffles you cook yourself on the waffle iron. Those with special dietary needs are welcome to bring what they need as long as it doesn't require cooking on the stove, I am generally not able to accommodate special medical dietary needs outside of what is noted above.  Ask and we will see what we can do.

Kitchen is closed after breakfast and not available for anything other than for beverages (getting a glass and ice, or a cup of coffee).  Guests are also welcome to use the microwave and refrigerator please clean up after yourself if you do.  If you get take out or delivered food you are welcome to use the dishes available, please put them in the dishwasher.

There are a wide variety of restaurants in town for lunch and dinner.


Beverages:  Guests are always welcome to make Coffee and Tea in the kitchen any time.   Also, cold beverages may be stored in the refrigerator and glassware for drinks are in the kitchen cabinets.  Place your used coffee cups and glassware in the dishwasher, we will run it and put the dishes away. 

No Stove to cooking or baking:  Only extended stay guests are allowed to cook in the house.  Please do not cook in the house other than heating something up in the microwave.  If you have food delivered or bring take-out into the house please eat in the dining room or kitchen, try not to have food in the bedrooms.   I keep the kitchen sanitary, so please clean up after yourself. 

A Note on Special Dietary Needs:  Please give me a call if you have any questions however we cannot accept the legal responsibility of preparing a special breakfast for anyone's medical requirements.  Fruit, orange juice, milk, eggs, sausages are usually gluten proteins free, however none of the breads or baked goods we have are gluten proteins free.  Our Breakfast Bake is gluten protein free as far as we know.  If you have special dietary requirements, you are welcome to bring a special cereal or other item that does not require cooking other than in the microwave.   Some items can also be refrigerated as needed.